Sam and the kids went skiing before Christmas.

There wasn’t much snow in Wisconsin but they managed two full days on the slopes.

Somehow Johnny managed to keep up with his siblings. With a few extra breaks and lots of snacks in the lodge.

Despite his smaller size, Johnny has the largest personality on these trips. Angela sent me this text from the hill.

“Today in the lift line, John turned to me and said, “Would you rather be Lebron James or me?”

I think the answer is obvious.

3 thoughts on “Personality

  1. Love it!!! I think we all wish we were Johnny! What a great tradition your family ski trips are. No matter that the Wisconsin fields just beyond the manufactured snow covered trails resemble the Sonoran Desert! I’m so glad everyone had fun, and maybe you had some quiet hours at home to catch up!


  2. Brrrrr…y’all can keep the snow. Looks like fun. Though. Bet you & Becky had a good time. Heard Dallas was a blast! Here’s to a great New Year, love, Aunt Cynthia☘❤🍾👍


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