Silver Day

It’s been 300 months

1,303 weeks

9,125 days

219,000 hours

13,140,000 minutes

788,400,000 seconds.

Since we married. In a galaxy far, far away.

On December 28, 1996, at St. Rita in Dallas, Texas. At 3:00pm. Sharp. Probably the last time we were on time for Mass.

We had no idea what we we signing up for. We didn’t know how to dance.

Or how to cut a four-tier wedding cake with hundreds of people watching.

And we still don’t.

But here we are together. With these 8 wonderful beings that have Sam’s good looks and my sense of style. Just like Shelby said in Steel Magnolias.

At dinner tonight, Sam took my hand to say the blessing. And he asked God for one simple thing.

Another 25 years.

16 thoughts on “Silver Day

  1. Twenty-five isn’t enough for to wish-my wish is for many many more!
    Blessings to you two, and for those eight kids. Y’all done good. love. Aunt Cynthia❤❤☘


  2. Happy 25th Anniversary! You two have accomplished much together- a beautiful family, a warm home, and lots of friends. Cheers to 25 years!


  3. Happy Anniversary. I hope you have more than 25 more happy, healthy years of love together. The family picture is beautiful.


  4. I remember escorting Great Grandma Rauch via plane to Dallas while the rest of my family arrived by car. She absolutely loved your wedding celebration. I remember Great Grandma Fridewald on the dance floor at the reception, too.
    May you know God’s love for you on the road ahead.


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