Living Nativity

Just before Christmas, the Living Nativity made an appearance at Donut Sunday. The role of the infant Jesus was played by an unusual actress: A 14 month-old girl with Down syndrome.

Baby Becky turned in quite the performance. And turned a few heads.

Johnny was skiing on this particular Sunday. So he only saw pictures of his sister’s big moment. I wish he could have been there in person. It would have provided perfect closure for him.

Last Christmas, Johnny asked me a very specific question: Does Jesus have Down syndrome? I loved that he used the present tense. But I couldn’t understand the origin of his inquiry. It became obvious as I reflected for a bit. We explain the Christmas story to children in the simplest terms. Jesus was born a little baby in Bethlehem. He was a very special baby.

Well, Becky is a very special baby too. And, according to Johnny, if Becky has Down syndrome, then so does Jesus Christ. It made perfect sense to him and it produced a few tears for me. The genuine simplicity of his worldview touched my heart last Christmas.

I wish Johnny could have stood in line with the other children a few weeks ago. He would have proudly asked for his picture alongside the Holy Family. And then told me that he was right after all.

Baby Jesus does have Down syndrome.

6 thoughts on “Living Nativity

  1. As God the Father sent his Son to be born with human nature, then, of course, Jesus possesses ALL of our natures-including downs, among all of our challenges. And. HE is with us always calling us by name-holding us in the palm of His hand. How else could it be? love. Aunt Cynthia ❤☘


  2. I am so proud of you Becky!! That is the sweetest thing I have ever seen!! God loves all children especially those with Down’s syndrome. You rocked it Becky!


  3. Beautiful. We have always known little Becky was a Star. With a very wise, perceptive, and loving older brother.
    “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
    Blessed New Year to all the Rauches! ❤️


  4. These pictures are precious! I love the Johnny/Becky smiling one especially. It’s with a big heart that Johnny sees Jesus as special like Becky because only SPECIAL babies have Down Syndrome. 💞


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