23 Years

23 years ago, at 7:58am, Sam and I welcomed our first child.

Today is Greta’s birthday. And I wish I had a better post prepared. But Red Five has distracted me today.

I came across a song recently. The lyrics speak to a great truth: my greatest joy in life is getting to love my children. And I first experienced that joy with Greta. I don’t know if that’s what this artist is singing about. But that’s what I’m thinking about when I listen to it.

She’s a wonderful older sister and is deeply invested in her siblings’ lives.

Her favorite author is C.S. Lewis. She loves the movies National Treasure and Prince Caspian. She has lived in China, Taiwan, and Tanzania. She speaks fluent Chinese by struggles with English spelling. I took the kids to Chicago’s Chinatown once. While the restaurant staff didn’t suspect it, Greta understood every word they spoke. She told me they were trying to determine if I was a mother with her kids. Or a teacher on a field trip.

I’ve watched Greta compete in Horse Bowl and FIRST Robotics competitions.

I’ve watched her go to prom.

And soon, I will watch her graduate from college.

I can’t imagine where life will take her next.

But I am blessed to have a front row seat.

7 thoughts on “23 Years

  1. Mom, She is a remarkable young woman and a joy to know. I am grateful that we journeyed together for a fraction of her life. Hope it is a fantastic birthday!

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  2. How can it be that Greta is 23 already? I remember when she and Mary were church buddies at Prince of Peace. Greta has certainly blossomed into a beautiful woman. I too can’t wait to see where the next chapter of her amazing life will take her!


  3. Happy Birthday to your Greta! She a is beautiful, smart woman. We celebrated my second son’s birthday today, too, who also turned 23! Great day for our kiddos.


    • Happy birthday Grata
      Many happy returns
      Your family has many happy returns and Blessings

      Your family is a special gift to all of us
      Thank you
      The Good Lords blessing for Becky and your whole family
      Especially Kathleen and Sam
      Love Dorothy


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