Red Five – Update 2

Becky’s surgery was a success!

Shortly after my last post, Dr. Sherman walked into the waiting room to give me the good news.

Dr. Sherman told me that the filler he injected during her last surgery had completely worn off. He made the repair and Becky tolerated the surgery with no complications. It took an extended period of time to set up the operating room. Apparently, most 15 month-old babies do not tolerate delays well and are tearing up the place. But Becky sat in the crib, smiling and waving at people, waiting patiently for the final preparations. She also babbled incessantly. He said she was an absolute angel and just one cool kid.

I gathered my things and walked to the PICU, expecting a royally miffed baby. Here’s what I found.

I’ve held her most of the afternoon. She is intermittently agitated, mostly bothered by the high flow nasal cannula. This delivers humidity to keep her airway comfortable. Becky woke up at one point and yanked it right out. It should be discontinued by midnight. She is on some pain medication but nothing too heavy.

Maria, Becky’s NICU speech therapist, stopped by for a visit. She was Becky’s greatest advocate during her NICU stay. Maria is solely responsible for my mom being able to visit the NICU on a couple of occasions despite strict Covid rules. We have stayed in touch and she has become a dear friend. Later, we had a visit from Surgery Sue, the nurse known as The General in the heart operating rooms.

After Sue finished her last surgery, she came back. She told me to go back to the Ronald McDonald House and grab a snack. So I write from my desk at RMH, enjoying some yogurt and a warm coffee. In a McCafe cup, naturally. When I left, Sue and Becky were wrapped up in blankets and listening to Disney lullabies.

I imagine they are both enjoying their afternoon nap.

10 thoughts on “Red Five – Update 2

  1. The love from her nurses and therapists undoubtedly makes life much easier for all. Love and good wishes to all of them who give beyond what a job requires.


  2. Wonderful News! We are so grateful for the wonderful care she’s getting and that you are getting. Lots of love mom and dad

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  3. So glad things went as well as they did
    Love my former hospital and Sue is a nurse/ friend from way back.
    Know Becky is in excellent hands🙏🙏❤️


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