Red Five – Update 3

I’ve recently left the hospital for the night.

Becky is in great hands. And I’m exhuasted.

I still can’t put my finger on what is so tiring about sitting in a hospital room. Perhaps it was the interrupted sleep and early morning. Or the worry and concern that simmer under a surface of confidence. Or wrestling with a baby who really wants to rip out her IV and nasal cannula. Regardless, I am grateful to tuck in for the night back at the Ronald McDonald House.

Becky is doing remarkably well. But I think her nurse is in for a challenge to keep those curious hands off the lines. Becky has an MRI in the morning. She will need to be sedated for the procedure and will return to the PICU afterwards for observation. There is some chance she could be discharged tomorrow evening.

And we are absolutely taking that blue foam ring with us. I promised her.

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