Red Five – Day 2

Becky is in great spirits this morning.

Becky had a good night and slept solidly for most of it.

She woke around 1am and needed some Tylenol. Ally, her nurse, is 30 weeks pregnant and was grateful for the opportunity to sit and cuddle her back to sleep. Other than that, it was an uneventful night. She maintained her oxygen levels beautifully.

I found her all smiles but still curious about the wires and lines. She is a little hoarse but seems comfortable. Except that she’s getting hungry.

She is beginning to gnaw on her arms, her sign for hunger. She cannot eat before the MRI, as the procedure requires sedation. The Child Life Specialist just brought some distractions.

Nothing like new toys to take your mind off your stomach.

I spoke with Dr. Sherman’s Nurse Practitioner. She anticipates that Becky will be discharged later today, pending an uneventful MRI.

So now we wait for morning rounds and the MRI.

And enjoy a little conversation.

9 thoughts on “Red Five – Day 2

  1. Becky is so adorable! Thank you for the pictures and updates. I am so glad her surgery went well! I love the video it warms my heart to hear her babble! You made my day! Kisses to Becky!


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