Red Five – Mission Accomplished

All has been quiet on the blog front today.

But that’s because Red Five came screaming to its final moments. Mission accomplished. We are home.

Becky had a great night and stayed asleep through all assessments and diaper changes. She was still sleepy when I arrived this morning. Dr. Sherman came by for a conversation. He was not surprised that Becky required some steroids to help with the inflammation. However, it was a bit unusual that she needed a breathing treatment. He decided to send her home on a 5 day course of steroids. He cautioned that she might need to return. Hopefully these steroids will keep her at home.

The team didn’t even round on Becky this morning as her discharge was swift. Nurse Melissa was assigned to Becky again today. She told me to take my time packing and to return by 6:45pm. Just as her shift was ending. I think she wanted some more time with Becky the Brave. Who was probably the healthiest kid in the PICU. I returned to the Ronald McDonald House to pack up and check out. It’s amazing how much stuff accumulated after just 2 days.

I hurried back to the hospital to sign the discharge papers and grab Becky.

I took some pictures of Becky and Melissa. We then said our goodbyes to Becky’s newest nurse auntie. Auntie Melissa. Another exceptional nurse who provided the best medical care with the gentlest touch. For both of us.

Becky enjoyed another red wagon ride. And we were off.

I meant to get this blog post together sooner. But Becky needed steroids from CVS. And Mary Frances needed a white poster board. And Veronica needed various items for the school musical. And Johnny needed a haircut.

Thankfully, my friend Lynn remembered that we also needed dinner. She didn’t ask. She just showed up. Food is her love language. Tonight’s dialect was Asian chicken salad. By the way, there’s lentil soup in that Cream Puff container. And heart-shaped cookies next to those plump strawberries.

I am grateful to be home and feel blessed that Becky is doing so well. She clung tightly to me tonight and was uncharacteristically uninterested in video chatting with her grandparents. But who can blame our little warrior? She came through surgery #5 with flying colors.

Red Five is in the books.

10 thoughts on “Red Five – Mission Accomplished

  1. So wonderful that Becky is home tonight and thank you for sharing this emotional journey with all of her fans! Prayers and thoughts for your whole family.


    • Your descriptions are so vivid- like we are right there with you. Wishing all of you an uneventful weekend.


  2. Becky (and you) continue to astound me! Iā€™m so happy, not surprised, that she did so well and continues to smile.
    I just want to know exactly what you do in ALL of your SPARE time!!!! šŸ˜‰šŸ¤ŖšŸ˜œ


  3. Way to go, “Becky the Brave”! And, Kathleen, just another day at the Rauch Ranch! love to all, Aunt Cynthia ā¤ā˜˜


  4. Becky is the cuties tough soldier ever
    She makes me smile when she smiles
    Thanks for all your updates
    Have a wonderful weekend
    My daughter Christine celebrated her 60 birthday this past week
    She shaved her head. She does that every year on her birthday
    Sending your family prayers
    Blessings. Peace. Love dorothy


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