Beckygram: Guilty

Mom may have left a container of wipes in my crib. And I took full advantage of this opportune moment.

Observing me while my back was turned, Mom caught me red-handed.

It’s hard to tell from these poorly lit photographs but the process can be mastered in relatively short order. Access to the wipes is easily achieved through the depression of a center hatch. Once opened, the rest is simple.

Bend forward, hinging from the hips.

Grasp the slightly moist wipe and pull in an upward fashion.

Once extricated, enjoy a few licks.

Toss to the side and repeat.

It’s been a fabulous afternoon.

7 thoughts on “Beckygram: Guilty

  1. Maybe one of her therapy’s should be to open packet, remove moist wipe, apply to crib rail & commence to perform pole dancing🤣love, Aunt Cynthia ❤☘


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