Beckygram: Tech Savvy

So I spent last Saturday night with my godparents. My folks went to Rocky’s high school musical. A rousing rendition of Hello Dolly.

I wasn’t invited. Instead, I hung out with Aunt Christy and Uncle Burt.

It was a cozy evening with a little collegiate basketball and some Winter Olympics. Aunt Christy made some wings in an air fryer that is larger than me. I entertained them with my near constant babbling and waving. But the highlight of the night was some clandestine texting.

I almost got away with it until Aunt Christy issued the following report to my Mom:

So I put Disney instrumental music on my phone for Becky last night. Instead of lulling her to sleep she grabbed my phone and sent my college friend group text a message.”

Busted. Here’s the message that I sent:

S43zerwq÷-4E4e’a .no cnsqqq3s s

Aunt Christy thinks that it’s an important message that needs to be decoded.

My lips are sealed.

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