Home Sweet Home

It’s been a whirlwind of a day.

Becky and I both slept soundly last night.

We enjoyed a quiet morning of Dr. Seuss and mildly tasty hospital coffee. I sent this passage to Michael and encouraged him to buy some yellow Gox box socks for his preliminary fight next week.

Dr. Sherman arrived around noon to thread a black spaghetti camera down Becky’s nose. He definitively diagnosed croup and felt comfortable sending her home on steroids. In the future, I will keep in closer contact with him when Becky develops a cold. After this latest episode, he is likely to prescribe steroids as a preventative measure. He promised that Becky will eventually outgrow this problem. But we may have a few more of these events in the future.

I packed up quickly and headed home. Just in time to find out that a major winter storm hits tomorrow. And the kids have snow days. And the milk is expired.

Simply never a dull moment.

5 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Glad you are all home, safe and sound, snuggly and warm. And Michael in shorts….well, it was 50 degrees yesterday! 🙂


  2. So glad y’all are home, safe & sound. Know the meds will help Becky. Too bad you don’t have a cow in the garage…I can just see Johnny on a three-legged milking stool-an udderly undefinable 🤣😆🙃😁 love, Aunt Cynthia ❤☘


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