Canine Therapy

Living with a special needs child presents multiple challenges.

Despite our best efforts, it appears we have overlooked the needs of one member of our household.

We may need additional therapeutic services. For the dog.

*Becky is not in the car seat here

I think Rudy is jealous of Becky.

And expressing it in subtle ways.

But I really have no idea how to help him.

4 thoughts on “Canine Therapy

  1. Well, I am no expert, but from seeing Rudy’s, pics, his muzzle shows he’s aging. Dogs need daily interaction with family…he is not a moveable object. Does he ever get the chance to be near Becky (with supervision)? I think Rudy may be depressed. Everyone-show him love. Aunt Cynthia ❤☘


  2. Hi dogs love to be needed and crave attention. I think maybe Johnny could help him. Encourage Johnny to teach him new tricks (can be found on internet or a dog obedience class). Not that your dog is misbehaving, but the extra attention will help.I have a 55 pound puppy and have been taking him to classes and it has made a world of difference. I hope this helps.I love the picture of her in the car seat!


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