School Supplies

Yesterday, at the end of a long day, Johnny pulled out a math assignment and asked for help.

I was stumped.

I often dread these 1st grade math worksheets. The strategies are different these days and I often don’t understand the purpose of the assignment. I sure don’t understand all the drawings that John has to make. But last night, I simply couldn’t figure out the problem.

So we video chatted with Michael. He read the problem. And then he dropped his head and began laughing. I told him to knock it off and help me. At the risk of completely embarrassing myself, here’s the worksheet.

Michael rephrased the question using cookies. That’s a language that I understand. So we discussed what would happen if Megan had fewer cookies than Tasha but Kim had more. And while Michael and I were busy reframing the problem using Thin Mints, John drew the picture and answered the question correctly.

As I look at it today, I realize how simple the problem really is. Let’s chalk this one up to fatigue. I still think that my initial solution was genius, although Johnny and Michael rejected it.

I told Johnny to write that Megan needs a new pencil.

5 thoughts on “School Supplies

    • Hmmmmmm! I think it was a trick question. 😳. And why weren’t any numbers involved. 🤔 I’m with you, Kathleen. I’m not sure this “new math” quite gets to the heart of the matter. And why didn’t THEY draw pictures of the pencils, and write the names of Tasha, Megan, and Kim on them. Now THAT would have helped!


  1. Fatigue will do it every time PLUS the “New” math IS confusing! 😉
    I love the picture of Johnny and Becky. She sure is LOVED! ❤️❤️


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