I took Mary Frances, Johnny, and Becky to the zoo this week.

Somehow this inspired deep thinking from Johnny. In the field of linguistics.

On the drive home, John engaged me in an interesting conversation.

Johnny: “Mom, who invented language?”

Me: “That’s an interesting question. With a complex answer.”

Johnny: “Well, what do you think, Mom?”

Me: ” I think we should call Greta when we get home. She is interested in languages and could answer your question better than me.”

*Fantastic parental pivot to a more capable family member who doesn’t mind long, esoteric phone calls from a younger sibling.

Me: “Any particular reason you are interested in language?”

Johnny: “Yes. I really want to know about the word squash.”

4 thoughts on “Linguistics

  1. And who invented the word Cheetah? And who invented the word Goddess? Perhaps a certain Johnny invented Cheetah Goddess?


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