Supply Chain

Supply chain issues are often in the headlines these days. Whether it’s baby formula, toilet paper, or computer chips.

I’m afraid that I’ve contributed to a particular scarcity problem, albeit unconsciously.

Several weeks ago, I worked at Mary Frances’ track meet. I was a judge for the long jump, which means I wrote down everyone’s name and jump length and made sure that the kids jumped in the correct order. I also kept Becky from eating the crumb rubber which speckles an artificial turf or getting herself tangled in the tape measure. It was a pleasant afternoon and I enjoyed visiting with other parents. Our conversation eventually turned to talk of Aldi, a favorite haunt of mine. And the lack of whipped cream cheese stock over the past months.

Another Mom verified my experience with this particular dairy product. Seemingly, for months on end, Aldi did not have whipped cream cheese. We don’t eat much cream cheese but I usually keep some around for breakfast bagels. Every time I went to the store, I would check for the tubs. The sign was there but the shelves were empty. It became a minor shopping obsession which brought macroeconomic trends into my daily life. I drove my kids nuts with my running commentary on the lack of cream cheese.

Eventually, this precious resource was back in stock. And my habit of searching for a carton was well engrained in my weekly shopping trips. Naturally, it became an automatic purchase as I mindlessly tossed a tub into the cart. Just to make sure I was prepared for the next famine.

Well, when I organized my refrigerator this week, I was shocked to find this stockpile. The realization set in that I may be contributing to the problem.

It’s clearly time to pump the brakes.

5 thoughts on “Supply Chain

  1. We once found 23 packages of shredded cheese in mom’s fridge (long after any children still lived at home). When confronted, her defense was that it was on sale!


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