Tuesdays in Taiwan

Welcome to a new series, called Tuesdays in Taiwan.

Our oldest daughter, Greta, is currently at Wenzao University in Taiwan. She is working as the Resident Director for a group of American high school students. She has been in Taiwan for approximately 72 hours. And there have already been a number of reportable events which just beg to be shared.

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My Dad

*This post was originally published on June 21, 2020. I thought I would repost it again, with an updated picture of me and my Dad. His love and support continues to sustain me in so many ways. I hope he had the chance to watch the U.S. Open and eat a Liberty burger today. And to experience, for a moment, the immense love and respect that I have for him.

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Summer Reading

School is out and summer has officially started. On the last day of school, Johnny brought home a bag full of workbooks, broken crayons, and dried out glue sticks. Weighing down the neon blue-green backpack was a collection of pine cones, rocks, and broken glass. He amassed this treasure while walking home from the bus stop each afternoon.

But he never thought to unload his booty and just kept adding more weight. Which might prepare him for a future career as a Sherpa.

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The Graduate

I’m behind on writing this post. Truth be told, I’ve had significant writer’s block regarding this particular story.

Or perhaps it’s something more. Something that tugs at a mother’s heart strings. Because our oldest graduated college. And the finality hits hard as the rest of her life awaits.

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