Camp Mail

Johnny left today for two weeks at Camp Grandma/Grandpa.

A favorite day camp in Michigan awaits and many of the counselors remember Johnny from last summer. There is the promise of sun and sport. New friends and frozen ice pops. And grandparents’ limitless attention and love.

Nevertheless, there were tears as he departed.

We spent part of Father’s Day enjoying slot car racing at a local store. Grandma Rauch was in town and joined us for our celebrations. When we were done, the moment of departure arrived. The car was packed and it was time to say goodbye. Johnny went to each person for an extended hug. When it was my turn, he burrowed his head into my chest and began to cry. He said that he was excited to go with Grandma. But sad to leave me.

My heart melted.

Mary Frances noticed her brother’s sadness. And it dawned on her that we could write to him, sending our little camper some mail. So she promised to write and send him a note. Johnny hugged her and finished saying goodbye to the remaining family members. That promise of mail seemed to alleviate some of his sadness.

And sparked an idea.

Just before he left, Johnny ran back to Mary Frances, flung his arms around her neck, and made one final request.

“Could you send some money with that note?”

6 thoughts on “Camp Mail

  1. I remember my days as a day camp counselor-studying bugs(ugh), teaching kids to ride horses (Talley O) and the fine art of archery ( to merry band of outlaws in our Sherwood Forest) It was my first real paycheck, and the memories are sweet! Have fun, Johnny, and enjoy😊 love, Aunt Cynthia ❤️☘️


  2. I read this post when it first came out. I reread it again today because Johnny stories always make me laugh. And to think before Covid I could hear Johnny stories as often as three times a week! Gosh, but I really miss everything about Kathleen’s classes: the good exercise, the friendly conversations, mostly I miss Kathleen’s stories.


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