Body Wash

Every once in awhile, the daily newspaper cartoon speaks to me.

Today’s cartoon actually happened to me.

A couple years ago, I was visiting my friend Barb. She is Johnny’s godmother and a dear friend. Her daughters babysat for our kids over the years. And probably have some things they need to tell me about one day. Barb is also a nurse and has come to our aid multiple times, including once when I scalded myself with hot water. Never yell at your children and drain spaghetti noodles simultaneously.

I usually visit Barb every June. The kids and I trek back to our previous home and help out at our prior school’s Rummage Sale. I love staying with Barb as she welcomes you with open arms. And these amazing breakfast cookies. We always stay up too late and laugh until our sides ache. The kids look forward to it every year.

I could tell a thousand stories about our time at various Rummage Sales. I have the fondest memories and the dearest friends. And have scored some fantastic deals, including mismatched Nativity sets. I literally have the Three Wise Men in every material known to mankind.

This year, I bought a Ninja blender, a juicer, and some beer pulls. Which I didn’t know I needed but am thrilled to have. I didn’t buy all of them, just a select few.

But this post is about a newspaper cartoon. Let’s review.

So, I’m at Barb’s house. And they had recently refinished their basement bathroom. After a long day at the Rummage Sale, I am ready for a spa-like experience and a hot shower. Afterwards, I indulge in a generous slathering of body lotion. I notice that it has an unusual texture. More like a gel. Plus, it doesn’t seem to absorb into my skin like a normal lotion. But fatigue dismisses all concerns.

I’m not quite sure when I figured it out. Eventually, I did. I realize that I had smothered myself in body wash. Which means that I have to take yet another shower.

And enjoy a festival of bubbles.

2 thoughts on “Body Wash

  1. We certainly have had some great times at the island! Complete with a candelabra! 😂 There will be many more to come, too!


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