The Family Pet

Johnny has reimagined our family’s choice of pet.

Rudy should take notice.

Johnny wrote an essay for school entitled “The Pet I Want”. Which is not the pet we currently have. He recommends that our family incorporate a chameleon into the household.

The most edifying attribute of the Old World lizard is its ability to “do nothing most of the time”. I appreciate Johnny’s recognition that any additional family member needs to be low maintenance. Which is a really brilliant observation by a 7-year old.

However, I like Rudy’s chances against Chamaeleontidae. Because Rudy doesn’t do much as it is.

As I read page two of the essay, I realized that there may be additional benefits to owning a color-variable lizard. Johnny sees a potentially positive influence during afternoon homework sessions.

Johnny has yet to be assigned two hours of homework. I imagine that must seem like an eternity. So I admire his preparation for that eventuality. And I understand that he wants a little entertainment as he studies ancient Rome and learns long division.

Now, if a chameleon could inspire Johnny to sit still for 2 hours, I might consider an aquarium with a heat lamp.

Photo by Egor Kamelev on

But there is no way that is ever going to happen.

And Rudy knows it.

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