Tuesdays in Taiwan (on Wednesday)

There’s a new pattern with these weekly updates. I can’t seem to get them posted on Tuesdays. Which is indicative of our summer schedule. Hectic and variable. And very, very full.

But Greta sent an absolute gem of a find. It’s worth a day’s wait.

This past week, Greta found a literature museum/library. Libraries are one of her happy places. But this location is now an all-time favorite. She was able to drink coffee, in a room with AC, while reading a book by a Taiwanese Christian disability advocate. Eureka!

She has been translating a Buddhist poem. While she didn’t mean to send this to us, I found it fascinating. The Chinese language is exquisitely beautiful.

Below is her translation. I am still astounded that our daughter can read, write, and speak Chinese.

Greta has done some more traveling.

She found a copy of a family favorite board game translated into Chinese.

But this is the aforementioned gem of a find. The sign was hanging in a restaurant. She thinks it’s supposed to be an insult. But the translation is too funny to be insulting.

Greta’s time in Taiwan is quickly coming to a close. She returns home in just 10 days.

And I really hope she grabbed that sign.

2 thoughts on “Tuesdays in Taiwan (on Wednesday)

  1. I cannot imagine how Greta has experienced all these adventures in Tiwan… wonderful!! love, Aunt Cynthia ❤️☘️


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