A Keepsake

Some little boys dream big.

And sometimes those dreams come true. Unexpectedly.

One day, you are preparing for your senior year of college. The next week, you are signing a contract to playing rookie ball for the St. Louis Cardinals. My brother posted this picture to our family group chat. With the words, “It’s official.”

When I saw the picture, I was confused. Because Jack is a southpaw. So I asked about it. Dennis’ response was fantastic: “Writes with the right — throws lightning with the left.”

While Johnny was visiting, Jack made time for a catch with him. It was hot outside so it didn’t last too long. Afterwards, Johnny enjoyed a cold root beer. In a bottle, which was quite novel and made an impression.

He also left with a memento, which was carefully packed in his suitcase to bring home. Jack signed a baseball for Johnny. Because that’s what big leaguers do.

When Johnny showed me, he said, “Mom, this is going to be worth something one day. Like a $1000.” I told Johnny that he was wrong.

It’s priceless.

4 thoughts on “A Keepsake

  1. When I saw the ball, the first thunk I thought of was: Who else has worn 35 for the Cardinals? Bet Jack had the same thought!

    43 players have donned #35 for the Redbirds over the years. Best of the bunch was likely pitcher Matt Morris!


  2. I informed our family friend, of the same name, Jack Lynch, of this draft. He is a serious baseball fan. He and his wife have traveled to all the baseball stadiums, except one. It is in Fairbanks, Alaska. Johnny is a pretty lucky little guy!


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