Beckygram: Invention

Necessity is the mother of invention.

And I’ve provided ample opportunity to test that axiom.

Mom has chronicled my difficulties with eating and drinking. I can now drink from a straw or sippie cup. This is a huge development. But it’s so new, that Mom hasn’t tweaked the diaper bag packing regime.

We were out shopping the other day when I made the sign for drink. I put my hand over my head and begin squeezing the air. Sort of like I’m milking a cow. An air cow.

Unfortunately, Mom had no sippie cup for me. But she did have a 60ml syringe. Mom uses these syringes to push medicine into my G-tube. An idea was born.

Mom found a water fountain, started the stream, and pulled up a syringe full of water. She handed it to me and I enjoyed a cold, refreshing drink. We got a couple of stares from other shoppers. But the problem was solved. And another one created.

Because now this is my favorite way to drink water. I can drink at my preferred, controlled rate with breaks to fling the tube around like I’m fencing an invisible opponent. I signal for refills by banging it on my tray which is effective, non-verbal communication.

Perhaps I will switch to a more traditional fluid delivery method in the future.

But Greta and Angela have plans to buy me a hamster water bottle for my birthday.

3 thoughts on “Beckygram: Invention

  1. Smart girl, Becky! But why stop there!? In your hands, this tool has even more potential!! Like, say you are in church, or somewhere else you are supposed to be quiet. With a little practice, you can learn to aim that syringe at Mama, or another appropriate family member, and get some quick attention! Think about it….😂😂


  2. Now that you are teaching her to “ain & fire” just wait until Becky gets her hands on a water canon… then y’all will have to run for the hills😂😄 love, Aunt Cynthia🤣😄😂❤️☘️


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