Johnny has been in rare form today, even more so than usual. Full of energy and zest, sprinkled with a bit of mischief.

Which took the form of toasting bagels. The fire alarm blew his cover.

Tonight, we ate dinner outside but John was concerned about some bees flying around. The following conversation ensued with Greta. She was trying to calm him down about the presence of the pesky insects.

John: “Don’t you know that bees are one of the things that I am trying to avoid in life?”

Greta: “Oh, what else are you trying to avoid in life?”

John: “Skydiving and drowning.”

Greta: “Really?”

John: “Yup. And hanging.”

All of this seems reasonable but perhaps unrealistic. At least the hanging part. As he finished his meal, Johnny offered an amendment to his prior list.

John: “Yeah. But maybe I’ll change my mind about skydiving when I am older.”

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