Seat Assignments

It’s time for a new school year to begin. Last week, we stopped by the school open house. It was a chance to drop-off supplies, meet the teachers, and get a sneak peek at the kids’ classrooms.

For Johnny, it was also an opportunity to deal with a little adversity.

Johnny’s relationship with school is complex. He loves lunch, P.E. class, and his friends. The rest he could do without. He begins 2nd grade this year with Ms. B. Miffy and Rocky both had Ms. B and I couldn’t be happier that she will also teach Johnny. She has a warm personality and a gentle command of her class. She’s also a marathon runner.

We walked into the classroom and Johnny found his school supplies sitting at his desk.

He quickly made note of the three kids sitting next to and across from him. He immediately shouted out, “Hey, we’ve got a problem over here!”

Hearing the commotion, Ms. B maneuvered through a sea of families and crossed the room to Johnny. As she stood next to him, she said, “What’s the problem Johnny?”

He thrust both arms into the air, palms facing upwards and moaned, “I’m surrounded by girls!”

She looked at the seat assignments and realized that he was correct. At the table of four, Johnny is out numbered 3-to-1. Ms. B diplomatically noted that seat assignments will be changed throughout the year. Johnny was having none of it.

I captured that picture shortly after the incident. Johnny doesn’t have much of a poker face. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for him to find a coping mechanism.

At least Ms. B will know where to find him.

6 thoughts on “Seat Assignments

  1. As Great Grandpa urged us, “Be sure to enjoy your school years. Life hands you more responsibility soon.” Having a bunch of sisters should prepare him a bit for his seat assignment.


  2. Seems like Johnny is planning to be loaded and “lockered”. Clearly this ain’t Boys Town circa 1930!
    sorry, Johnny😠 love, Aunt Cynthia❤️☘️


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