Beckygram: Road Trip

ln the last 72 hours Mom and I have driven from Chicago to Boston in monsoon level rains, made a visit to the University of Michigan Pediatric ER (G-tube issue), hung out at the McGee Toyota dealership while some of the greatest humans on the planet diagnosed a “Check Engine” light on the van, and moved Greta into her apartment. Oh, and I got a haircut.

It’s been great. Mom has some fabulous stories to write. But now we’re heading to Ikea.

10 thoughts on “Beckygram: Road Trip

  1. Becky is sooo adorable! She smiles with her whole face and eyes. I LOVE her hair cut. Did you ever think it would lay flat on her head? She must be a good traveler! Lucky you.


  2. Why can’t a simple cross-country trip be simple? Rain? Doctors? Auto? You should get combat pay! Good for you two intrepid travelers! The Force is with you!


  3. Becky, your Mom is truly Jeannette’s daughter!! And yes, your hair cut is so cute😀 love, Aunt Cynthia ❤️☘️


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