Strong Start

School is off to a good start.

Even for Johnny who bemoans any subject outside PE or lunch.

The first assignment was an information sheet for the parents. Basic information about your child. Strengths. Weaknesses. Goals for the year. And one question that Johnny felt particularly strong about.

Me: “Your teacher wants to know what name you want her to use at school. Should I write ‘John’ or ‘Johnny’?”

Johnny: “Put down ‘Agent X’.”

(John’s middle name is “Xavier”. He’s always liked that middle initial ‘X’.)

Me: “Your teacher isn’t going to call you ‘Agent X’.”

Johnny: “But she asked what I want to be called. And I want her to call me ‘Agent X’.”

Me: (needing to get dinner on the table) “Okay. I’ll put it down.”

I wrote the following: “John or Johnny (but he’s asking to be called ‘Agent X’).

I can only assume that she is sticking with the first two options.

At back-to-school night, Sam found the following note on his desk.

He’s proud to be YeLLYW Crd-free. Which I assume is like a yellow-card in soccer. And it looks like he’s going by “JOHN” this year.

4 thoughts on “Strong Start

  1. Dear “Agent X’, your great, great grandfather was named
    Francis XAVIER Gang, I am sure he would liked to be “Agent X”, but alas he was known as Frank. So, Johnny, you’ll will have to wait until Halloween🎃👻love Aunt Cynthia ❤️☘️🎃👹🎃🤑


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