Advantage, Michael

I don’t receive too many updates on Michael, our collegiate sophomore. Honestly, I have few specifics regarding his academic performance. And he doesn’t send pictures of himself studying or in class.

But when the University sent us the tuition bill for his second year, I figured he must have passed his freshman year.

Thankfully, Angela sends me periodic updates.

They méet every week in the dining hall for “Sibling Lunch”. This tradition started last year when Greta was still on campus.

Occasionally, Michael throws something into our family group chat. Like the following images from last weekend. Supposedly this is a dorm tradition where the hardworking students enjoy a brief reprieve from their studies and run shirtless around campus while wearing viking helmets.

I didn’t ask any additional questions about the evening’s activities.

I much preferred yesterdays’ video. Obviously, Michael is working that sibling connection to his benefit.

Advantage, Michael.

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