Beautiful Boy

Johnny asked me a difficult question yesterday. It had to do with beauty.

More precisely, it’s exact location.

We were finally finishing the chapter book The Magic of Oz. Normally, we tear through these books in just a few weeks. But we have been reading this installment since May. It’s been a long trudge through Oz. So we decided to celebrate the finale with an ice cream cone. For some reason, the frozen treat made Johnny pensive, reminding him of a pressing question.

Johnny: “Mom, what does it mean to be beautiful inside?

Apparently, during a recent religion unit, Johnny’s teacher told her class that they are each beautiful inside.

This baffled our second grader. I tried my best to answer his question.

Me: “Well, I think your teacher means the wonderful things that you are capable of thinking and doing; those things that begin in your soul and come out into the world in various ways. That’s the beauty inside of you.”

Johnny: “Ok. But, like, where is that beauty?”

M: “Do you mean where inside your body?”

Johnny: “Yes. Where is it located? E-X-A-C-T-L-Y? Cause I’m not buying it.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Johnny: “Well, I’m pretty sure the only things inside of me are blood and guts. And bones.”

I had to laugh as he tried to pinpoint the body part that contains his inner beauty. I didn’t have an answer. Beauty just envelops this sweet boy, wrapping him in a blanket of honesty and unique perspective.

Which is just byodfl.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Boy

  1. If Johnny keeps his thinking like this, I can see him giving the Pope a run for it!!!!! love, Aunt Cynthia ❤️☘️


  2. I am so very happy that Johnny has both teachers and parents that tell him he is beautiful inside, and help him ponder that important truth. And how wonderful to have a Mom who celebrates finishing a book with ice cream‼️ the occasion which brought about this important philosophical discussion! 🍦🥰❤️


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