Beckygram: Confidence

It’s been quiet around Mom’s blog recently. Because we’ve been on a trip to Texas together, enjoying Mom’s family. And the great State Fair of Texas.

I learned an important lesson about confidence at the fair, courtesy of my Mommo and Gramps. Mom has half a dozen posts in the hopper regarding this fabulous trip. But let’s start with my life lesson.

We had been at the fair for several hours, when fatigue began to set in. We had already enjoyed two puppet shows, an incredible horsemanship demonstration, and the top rated (Savory Class) Fried Charcuterie Board. My grandparents struggled to say the word charcuterie. Mom told them to say shark booty really fast. Apparently, it makes for a passable effort.

Anyways, the adults entered into deep conversation regarding a critical decision: was it time for a nap or a turkey leg? The former was voted the winner. We were passing the Petting Zoo and Mommo thought this might be a good place to rest. We walked into the arena and settled into our spots. Before long, we had drifted off to sleep, Mom holding tightly to my stroller.

But Mommo wins the prize for best in show. After capturing the above photos, she got serious about her sleep. She pulled out her napping sock (no mask for her as it tends to flatten her bouffant) and started her white noise app, selecting the Niagara falls sound clip. Which was set to highest volume without the use of headphones. Bold move by my grandmother who knows how to nap properly, regardless of the terrain or company.

When Mom woke to the sound of running water, she hesitated to turn around. Mommo had dropped anchor on the stairs leading to the arena, effectively blocking an emergency exit. But no one bothered us during our afternoon siesta. Perhaps people thought we were part of the petting zoo, a multigenerational family at rest.

Rested and refreshed, we continued our day at the fair, enjoying the stunt dog show, the car pavilion, and the aforementioned turkey leg.

Now that’s a great example of confidence or perhaps concession to the needs of age: sleeping in public without a care in the world. We came. We rested. We continued.

It was a great day at the fair.

4 thoughts on “Beckygram: Confidence

  1. When I was 8 ish, Dad had a meeting in Dallas, and took me a long ( to give Mom a rest, I’m pretty sure), and I remember Big Tex… some 69 years ago! Ain’t the fair great?!


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