Quirkiness is buying the 3000 foot industrial roll of saran wrap from Sam’s Club.

And inscribing the date when it went into household production. 6/11/21 in my parents’ case.

Quirkiness is a family trait. Because I have done the same thing with my plastic wrap. But since our Sam’s Club closed down, I haven’t had the opportunity to replace this jumbo sized item. I mentioned this to my Dad when I recently visited Texas. A few days after my return, a package arrived at our home.

I know he expects me to write the date down with a Sharpie marker. And when we finally rip off the last piece of foodservice film, I will call my folks. Because they will be curious how long it took our family to go through a roll. And we will compare that to their mileage.

It’s good to be related to quirky.

3 thoughts on “Quirkiness

  1. Mike learned
    . his”quirkiness”from our Mom-her “frugalness” was inherited by all of us kids. ‘nough said! love, Aunt Cynthia❤️☘️


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