Baraka Bouts

I’ve chronicled Michael’s journey with the Notre Dame Boxing Club. He competed last winter in the Bengal Bouts. Even though he lost, he stayed on his feet for all three rounds.

Tonight the women get into the action as the Baraka Bouts begin.

The Notre Dame Women’s Boxing Club raises money for the Holy Cross Missions in East Africa. We’ve got a crowd favorite here in Monica Caponigro, a Sophomore and a South Bend native. Monica has an easy-going nature, a pleasant disposition, and a million dollar smile. She’s double majoring in Peace Studies and Film, Television and Theatre.

But she’s got a left hook and a passion for hitting things.

And she’s on a mission. Earlier this year Monica’s father was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer. She wrote about it on her fundraising profile:

With purple wraps and my purple chucks, this year I fight for two, not just for the benefit of St. Joseph’s Hill Secondary School in Kyembogo, and Lakeview Secondary School in Jinja, but also in solidarity with my dad. 

As the most recent Thor movie so graciously reminded me, and despite my parents’ very intentional word choices, cancer is a battle. Earlier this year as my father was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer, he reminded me that I now workout for two. From chemo to trial, and back to chemo again, I am as much in my dad’s corner this year as he is in mine. 

In celebrating 20 years of Baraka Bouts alongside the 50th anniversary of women at Notre Dame, I fundraise and fight to support and enhance the education of the students at two secondary schools in Uganda. I work to grow stronger to fight alongside my dad in his bouts, and fight for better educational opportunities for those in Kyembo and Jinja, a battle my dad has continually advocated for, because as we believe and Baraka reaffirms, education is light.”

If you want to watch, the event will be livestreamed tonight on You Tube, beginning at at 7:00pm Eastern time. The stream will alternate between Ring A and Ring B. Monica features in Fight #7 in Ring A.

Monica will be wearing gold trunks and purple shoes.

For her dad.

4 thoughts on “Baraka Bouts

  1. Prayers for Monica’s father. As a 2 time cancer survivor I am acutely aware of support from family & friends. go Monica!! ❤️☘️


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