Beckygram: Blockade

I thought Johnny and I were a team. Apparently, something has shifted because he’s cleaned up my messes one too many times.

And has now created a blockade in the kitchen.

The kitchen is the main battleground. I particularly enjoy the Lazy Susan cabinet. There’s something about olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. Not to mention ground flax seed and dry milk. Really good stuff. I also enjoy Tupperware and cookie sheets. In a short time, I can tear up the place. Mom allows this because often it’s the only way to get dinner on the table or fold a load of laundry. She calls it a necessary evil.

But my therapists love it. Mom sent this picture to Laura, my Iron Man physical therapist. Since I have low muscle tone and struggle with endurance, standing has been a significant issue for me. I’m also beginning to show signs of Down syndrome obstinacy. Whatever that is. So Mom thought Laura would like to see my progress.

She responded, “LOVE this! I feel for you, but I love it!” Laura then brought leg immobilizers and some fun suction cups to my next session. This week, I managed to stand by myself for 8 seconds. All it took was an abdominal binder, hip helpers, leg immobilizers, ankle orthotics, and a fabulous pair of pink high tops.

Back to Johnny and the kitchen blockade. Last night, he had finally had enough of my antics. He dragged my foam climbing blocks into the kitchen and wedged them between the counter and the wall oven. He declared the kitchen safe and went back to his audio book.

All was not well in my world. The tears formed in my eyes and I began to cry. But then Johnny made it all better by throwing down a few Cheerios.

We’re all good here now.

2 thoughts on “Beckygram: Blockade

  1. It’s fabulous to see you standing, Becky. With all that equipment I think a treat offered, at just the right height, is a welcome addition.


  2. Kathleen, God bless you and your beautiful Becky and big brother John! She keeps going like the Energizer Bunny. Love your blog.

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