The Wonder Wagon

To my dearest siblings: Karen, Dennis, David, and John.

I have a modest proposal.

While clicking around Nextdoor this morning, I found a bit of our family history. A local soul is selling a 1979 Chevrolet Impala Station Wagon. In yellow.

Yes, I have found the Wonder Wagon.

Remember this chariot of our youth? The stories are legendary. For $1890, this could be ours. And we could joyride around town once again. I hope Dennis still has those shorts.

Think of the fun we will have recreating the memories. John and David can sit in the back seat. Karen will drive us down the Dallas Toll Road towards Dad’s old office building. David, we will roll down the back window so you can toss out your sneakers.

We can cruise to 7-11 for a Slurpee and that fabulous hot dog-shaped gum sold on a roll.

Or how about we swing by Valley View Mall? I know it has been razed. But we can reminisce in the parking lot where Sears once stood. And where John suffered the singular humiliation of shopping the Husky Boys clothing section.

Dennis, I’ll be sure to check on the radio situation. If it doesn’t work, we can kick it old school with a Boom Box and 8, D-sized batteries. But we’ll need to locate a copy of the Phil Collins No Jacket Required album. I know Karen unceremoniously chucked your cassette out the window along I-57 during a heated argument. Rather rude. No wonder those road trips between Dallas and South Bend were traumatic for you.

Speaking of Karen, I’m sure she’ll graciously pull over and suggest that the rest of us climb on top of the hood. For that final trip down the alley. Maybe I’ll fall off again and enjoy another concussion. This workhorse has only 46,707 miles and a bit of rust. So we have ample opportunity for such mischief. And we all carry our own life insurance now.

Once I have the title in hand, I’ll get it to Texas as quickly as possible. Remember the tailgate tends to fall off in snowstorms. After I pull into the driveway at the house, make sure Mom is ready with her sewing kit. The lining of the ceiling may need some alterations. Hopefully she’s still nimble enough to crawl into the back to stitch it up. Just like at Dennis’ college graduation. Good stuff.

If we split the bill, we each pony up $378. That seems like a trivial amount to set this baby down the road once again.

Who’s in?

5 thoughts on “The Wonder Wagon

  1. Totally on board for this. Especially your mom sewing the ceiling. Do you know that we own a vintage woody wagon purely for the aesthetic pursuit of it? It leaked so much CO2 into the garage that we had to have a dramatic escape from the playroom which sits above it. You can hear us coming when we drive it.


  2. That’s too funny! I love your family picture! We had a 1976 Chevy Impala Wagon we bought brand new. It was the kids car to drive in the late 80s/90s. It was like driving a tank.


  3. HAHA… this is a GREAT idea!
    Jim & I drove a ‘Woody Wagon’ @ 9 mi / gal. when Ryan & Jonathan were growing up.
    BTW, I HAVE 3 beloved siblings, David, Dennis & John.


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