Beckygram: Taxes

Over Thanksgiving my older sister Greta had to file an amended tax return. She had sent it once before.

Apparently the IRS has no record of receiving it.

I detected some irritation in her voice regarding the situation. Not to mention some forceful opinions about the tax code and the complications of filing taxes in two different states as a college student. Mom told Greta that she would sent the return via certified mail.

But when she went to put the envelope into her purse, she found something unusual. A rather small bite mark on the envelope. I’ve got a terrible poker face.

So how does this go down at the Internal Revenue Service? My baby sister ate my amended tax return?

Wonder if they’ve heard that one before.

3 thoughts on “Beckygram: Taxes

  1. To tell the “tooth”I, hope you sent pictures of Becky as evidence of her reverse commentary of the IRS, who is usually the one taking a bite out of one’s earnings😆🤣 love, Aunt Cynthia❤️☘️


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