Dress Code

Michael and Angela are finishing up their finals before Christmas. Today Michael took an exam for his Intro to Design Thinking class.

Apparently, the professor wants a visual display of that creative thinking during finals.

So Michael took the test while dressed like a chicken. His boxing nickname is Crispy Chicken so the outfit was appropriate.

Michael texted the pictures to our family group chat. Along with the following comment: “Just took a final dressed as a chicken, I love college.”

Cluck. Cluck.

2 thoughts on “Dress Code

  1. What a riot. Go Michael!! Glad to see he is making the most of his college experience. Now how does he put that on his resume


  2. He’s not the only one. I remember taking my Spring Freshman Chemistry final at Stephan in a BRIGHT yellow dress and yellow sunglasses with a magenta parrot. Why did I dress like that for the final? I’m guessing that it was a giant final with like 300 students, so why not have fun with it. I think the proctor raised an eyebrow as I turned it in, but there was not much comment beyond that. I loved college too.


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