Packing Strategy

Just before Christmas, the weather turned wintry and the snow started flying. That inspired me to hunker down with a lovely beverage and the latest Downton Abbey film.

It inspired everyone else to hit the slopes.

As Winter Storm Elliot barreled towards us with brutal temperatures and battering winds, Sam and the kids prepared for a single day of skiing. The weather wasn’t cooperating particularly well but it was one of the only opportunities for a family excursion. I briefly questioned the wisdom of this plan but Sam was aware of the forecast. Plus, we’ve been married long enough for me to know that nothing will keep him from skiing. Certainly not a threatening forecast.

Preparations were in full force. Bins of winter clothing were unpacked and ski equipment was pulled out of storage. Food was piled into canvas totes and thermoses filled with hot offerings. The extreme temperatures necessitated multiple warm layers so extra bags of clothing were prepared. Sam took particular care to help Johnny. Not wanting to leave anything to chance with the little guy, Sam supervised closely as Johnny laid out long-sleeve t-shirts, pants, and sweatshirts. After all these items were assembled, Sam insured that Johnny carefully packed his backpack.

The next morning they were off. Since I cannot lift much during my six-week recovery, Angela stayed back to help me with Becky. Honestly, I think she was happy to have an excuse to stay home. We enjoyed a relaxing day full of good food, a long nap, and some old family videos. Angela particularly enjoyed watching Greta run laps around her, circa 2001.

Meanwhile, back at the ski hill, temperatures continued to plummet as the predicted storm arrived in earnest. Sam sent me this screen shot in the evening. -8 degrees and falling. That’s cold. Probably too cold for skiing. I also noticed the “Distance to Empty” entry at the bottom and texted a gentle reminder to fill up the car before heading home. I couldn’t help myself.

All of that extra clothing was quickly put into action after the first few runs. But there was a problem when Johnny opened his bag.

There were no layers to be found. His bag was empty. Exasperated, Sam asked Johnny what had happened to the carefully packed emergency bag. He had a perfect explanation.

Johnny wanted to make sure that he remembered his ski coat. And the best way to remember that item was to pack it in his backpack. But the only way to make sure it fit was to take out all of the extra clothing. Which he left on his bed at home.

This make perfect sense. To an 8 year old.

Sam and the kids had a good laugh at this twisted logic and willingly shared some of their extra layers. They helped him pull on extra shirts and sweatshirts, rolling up the sleeves and tucking everything into his snow bib. Despite being too large, the extra clothing helped. Everyone returned to skiing after a card game.

It wasn’t until later that an additional problem became apparent. Those extra long layers provided much needed warmth but proved challenging for Johnny. Not on the ski hill.

But in the restroom.

2 thoughts on “Packing Strategy

  1. Johnny should become a jet fighter pilot like his late great Uncle Tobin. Then when nature comes a-callin’… he can just unzip & go! 😆😆
    love, Aunt Cynthia❤️☘️


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