Tucked Away

Michael and I began taking down Christmas decorations today. We’ve had our tree since before Thanksgiving.

It’s transitioned from charming Christmas decoration to potential fire hazard.

It’s always bittersweet to pack away the holidays. Here’s a little known fact: when you get married three days after Christmas, you will be gifted with Nativity scenes in every material known to mankind. It’s a treat to pull the various sets out every December and see these characters for a few weeks.

As I tucked garlands, ornaments, and wise men into storage until the end of the year, two items stood out from Christmas 2022. First, this fantastic picture of Johnny and Becky. Angela captured the moment as the littles engaged in deep conversation while wearing matching pajamas. I wonder what they were talking about. Mouth opened wide, Becky seems to have found Johnny’s comments rather astounding.

The second item came home in Johnny’s weekend folder. This is the best kind of keepsake, which preserves his 8 year-old thoughts for posterity. It’s precious: Christmas decorating as an expression of love. And the spelling mistake in the last line makes me chuckle. I imagine Jesus has been called many things over the years.

“Lame of God” might be a new one.

6 thoughts on “Tucked Away

  1. As JC ( Christ not Conway) said:”suffer the little children come unto Me”. I imagine He’d gets quite the chuckle out of Johnny-no baas about it! 🐑 love, Aunt Cynthia❤️☘️


  2. As JC (Christ not Conway) said:”suffer the little children come unto Me”. I imagine He’d gets quite the chuckle out of Johnny! Baas the truth
    love, Aunt Cynthia❤️☘️


  3. Lovely picture of Becky and Johnny
    Our holidays were somewhat different
    One family on a cruise
    Another in Las Vegas
    But we all got together
    Nothing like family
    Wishing all the Rauches a Blessed 2023 love Dorothy


  4. Love it! What a great photo of John and Becky! That Christmas 26 years ago, when you and Sam got married, will always be a personal favorite of mine.❤️ And you probably have a nativity set a piece to pass along to each of your eight children! 🥰


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