Danny and Annie

Today is Valentine’s Day, a celebration of those we love and those who have loved us.

Art work by John Rauch

So I thought I would share a special love story. It’s entitled Danny and Annie.

According to their website, Story Corps was started in Grand Central Terminal in 2003. Since then, more than half a million people have recorded their stories. People of all ages and backgrounds record interviews about their lives and experiences. They are broadcast on National Public Radio on Fridays. Each recording is archived at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.

Years ago, Sam’s younger brothers, Mike and Tim, animated many of these interviews. I shared one of these animations before on the anniversary of 9-11. Sam’s brothers have moved on in their careers and they no longer work with Story Corps. They have found interesting projects and success out in sunny California. In fact, Tim recently won an Emmy for a streaming series entitled We the People.

But I still love watching these Story Corps animations. Dannie and Annie is one of their best, a poignant depiction of a memorable couple. Grab a Kleenex.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

10 thoughts on “Danny and Annie

  1. Very special. It always makes me cry…. A beautiful story of true love. And— what a lovely piece of artwork from Johnny!


  2. Well done! Now the fun, part of funding it, Which I know you’ll do quite well! Love, dad

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  3. Bravo to Tim!
    A sensational Valentine Kathleen, thank you…yes, being there for each other always is essential, right?
    We recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary.


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