Beckygram: Settled

It’s been busy around here. Visits from Grandma and Grandpa and the fabulous Aunt Maggie and her dog Soda. Two birthdays. The State Science Fair and John’s First Communion. Rocky enters the playoffs for state water polo and graduation season is around the corner. I’m slowly learning to walk and Mom randomly locked her keys in the car at a gas station tonight.

Moments of quiet and settledness are a rare delicacy around here.

And usually happen when there is a book in my hand.


John’s surgery has started. The surgeon should be out to update me within an hour. Afterwards, they will let John sleep and will not wake him. They told me that boys sometimes sleep longer. John told the nurse not to count on it.

He wants to go outside and play.

John’s Surgery

It’s been a busy morning. I woke to a spring snowstorm, the car covered in ice. Rocky had an early morning practice and we were headed into the city by 5:30am.

I returned to find John and Becky playing. He had pulled her out of the crib and attempted to dress her. He got part of the way there.

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Beckygram: Table Manners

Several of my therapists want to see me better incorporated into normal, daily life. While I continue to be delayed, particularly in gross motor skills, it’s important that my family treats me like a 2.5 year old and not a baby.

Which is hard to do since I’m quite cuddly and love to be carried around.

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