Daily Double

Most of the time when I have a medical update, it involves Becky.

This time, it’s John’s turn.

Since November, Johnny has been battling Group A strep. He’s had 6 strep throat infections, an ear infection, and scarlet fever. It’s time for more aggressive treatment. Tomorrow, Johnny will have his adenoids and tonsils removed.

Around February, it became clear that Johnny needed to see an ENT specialist. I pulled him out of school early for the appointment. Johnny was excited to play hooky for a few hours and was curious about everything in the new office. We met the doctor and I began to review Johnny’s then 4-month battle with strep and the various antibiotics the pediatrician had tried to eliminate the pernicious bacteria.

However, I was unable to summarize the situation as succinctly as my son. He distilled his medical ailment into a single, all-encompassing statement: “I took a nap last week.”. The doctor nodded with understanding. And a twinkle in his eye.

“Houston, we have a problem. We have a high-energy, 8-year old male child, who has just admitted to taking a nap.”

“Roger that. We’ll book an operating room.”

The doctor and I began to discuss the specifics regarding the operation and recovery time. As we spoke, Johnny swung his legs rhythmically back and forth from the exam table, his eyes fixated on a wall anatomy chart. For a moment, I felt trapped in a Norman Rockwell painting. The doctor explained the procedure and potential complications. I was surprised to learn that Johnny would miss at least a week of school.

That statement caught Johnny’s attention. He swung around in a flash and cried out, “What?”. The doctor confirmed the information. Johnny sat still for a brief moment, absorbing the unexpected news. Suddenly, a smile spread across his face as he looked down into his lap. He raised his arms into the air above his head, the universal sign for victory.

He had won the Daily Double: unlimited ice cream and a week away from school. 

He brought his arms down, clenching his fists in excitement. He jumped off the table, landing directly in front of the doctor who straddled the roller stool. Mask to mask, practically nose to nose, Johnny proclaimed, “This is FANTASTIC!”. The doctor let out a hearty laugh.

We check in at 8:45am tomorrow morning. We have stocked up on Gatorade, Popsicles, and Jell-O. There is plenty of ice cream in the freezer. Our parish priest anointed Johnny before Mass today. Johnny is trying to decide on his one comfort item to pack for the hospital: it’s between a large stuffed bear or a football.

Johnny has requested that I update his surgery in the same manner as Becky’s operations. While not quite the same as open heart surgery, it’s his moment and he would like adequate coverage. I imagine he will provide ample material.

Batter up.

6 thoughts on “Daily Double

  1. Praying for your dear John. What a great kid! I’m looking forward to day by day dispatches. Thank you so much, Kathleen


    • Well, Agent X, this is quite a mission you are going on. Fingers crossed for a successful gig. Here’s to lots of ice cream🍧🍧😅 Oremis, love Aunt Cynthia❤️☘️


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