The surgery was successful.

The surgeon said John’s tonsils were huge, a sign of a well-colonized infection.

When I walked in he said, “Mom, I just can’t talk.” But frozen treats are one love language and he appreciated the cherry popsicle.

And, despite the promise to head outdoors to play some ball,

he has fallen back asleep.

9 thoughts on “Completed

  1. Oh John, I’m so glad your surgery is over and was successful! The TV is your’s for the week and you can watch whatever you like. It will be your special time with your Best Mom In The World.


  2. Just like Bond, James Bond, our Agent X wound up in the arms of a beautiful woman! You done good good, Pussy Galore-another mission accomplished. love, Aunt Cynthia❤️☘️


  3. Congratulations Johnny
    I bet you are happy to get rid of those pesky tonsils
    Now you are rid of school for a few days too
    You can do whatever you feel like doing
    Have fun!!


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