John’s Surgery

It’s been a busy morning. I woke to a spring snowstorm, the car covered in ice. Rocky had an early morning practice and we were headed into the city by 5:30am.

I returned to find John and Becky playing. He had pulled her out of the crib and attempted to dress her. He got part of the way there.

A quick hour flew by as I packed Becky’s things and tried to keep John from eating and drinking. I grabbed a third cup of coffee and flew out the door. I dropped Becky at her godparents’ house and then made the trip to the hospital. John requested music for the drive and we enjoyed The Veggie Tales Rap Remix, Kirby’s Dreamland Theme, Queen’s We Will Rock You, and the NFL theme song. Quite the playlist.

We checked in at the surgery desk and completed the registration process. John was full of observations and comments for the hospital employee.

“I like the texture on this window screen.”

“What box did you just check?

“How much is this going to cost?”

By the end of this, Pam was laughing and thanked us for neither crying nor yelling at her. I’ve spent a good bit of time in hospitals. And I have learned one thing: you will get better service if you are kind to people and learn their names. Pam walked us back to the pre-op area and wished us good luck.

John treated the place just like home, dropping his clothes everywhere as he changed into the gown. He was much too busy watching Sonic. I grumbled at him as I picked everything up and piled it into the personal belongings bag. The nurses on the other side of the curtain had a good laugh.

I’ve signed all the forms and answered all the questions. The nurse has given him a little magic cocktail. He’s zoning out and enjoying the warm blankets.

He will head back to the operating room momentarily.

3 thoughts on “John’s Surgery

  1. I’m praying Johnny’s pain isn’t too bad. I know he’ll enjoy the cold treats. It’ll be interesting to see if you can keep him slowed down for a few days. His pinky fingernail has more energy than I do. 🤗. You’re going to have a very busy week. (Nothing new for you). 💕


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