Personal Comfort Item

Perhaps you have noticed that I am referring to Johnny as John today. When we checked in at the hospital, he was asked if he had a nickname. He answered that he used to be called Johnny but that he is having surgery today. So he is going by John.

John it is.

John was told that he could bring one personal comfort item to the hospital. He chose a football. And posed for pictures in the hospital parking lot.

Last night John told me that he dreams that the surgeon will switch out his DNA with that of Patrick Mahomes. And when he wakes up, he is going to be the best quarterback of all time. Or the best receiver. I told him that he can’t throw and catch the ball. He told me that this DNA transfer will allow him to do both.

When the nurses came to transport John to the OR, they asked if he had anything in the bed with him. John pulled back the blanket and showed them the football.

We then told them about the anticipated DNA substitution. They laughed and told John they weren’t sure they could track down any Patrick Mahomes DNA in time.

But John’s got the football ready just in case.

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