Beckygram: Exhaustion

It was a full weekend. My sister Angela graduated from college and I lost my G-tube. I attended a senior concert, a commencement Mass, the university graduation in the football stadium, and the engineering school graduation in the hockey arena. Plus there was a graduation party with an epic piñata and ingenious flying chicken game, all thanks to my Aunt Karen. I’ve dropped anchor and I’m down for the count. Be assured I have a solid pocket of air

and I’ll come up for more mid-week.


It’s been a long, difficult week.

My sister’s beloved brother-in-law passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. A dear friend received troubling results from a medical scan. We received difficult news regarding developments at our previous grade school and the girls’ current high school. I attended the visitation services for a special friend, who was like a 3rd grandmother to our children. Our property taxes went up. And someone egged my car. It brought to mind a Pepper…And Salt cartoon.

My sentiments exactly.

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