Mother’s Day

Today I want to honor and acknowledge my mother-in-law. I recently heard a saying that a good mother-in-law should keep her mouth shut, wear beige, and write checks.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Mom, I have known you for almost 30 years now. Years ago, I had the opportunity to scan your family slides and walk through your life with Dad and your six kids. It’s been full and taken you to countries far away.

There is no one on earth who is more interested in the minutiae of my life. You have cared about every detail of every pregnancy, birth, and development of each of our children. You have fielded worried phone calls for broken bones, high fevers, and unusual rashes. You read every medical report generated about Becky and follow closely each hospitalization, therapy, and medical intervention. I think your nursing degree was more valuable outside the hospital than in it. You have attended countless events: robotics competitions, drill meets, and sporting games and hosted all of the kids for their summer camps. You have celebrated Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations, and graduations with us.

You write the most wonderful cards which I treasure and have kept. During one particularly rough patch, you sent me a note with a special sticker. I have read it many times for encouragement. You wrote, “For our Becks, who is ‘not like the rest of them’ and destined for her own special stardom. We know it! And you will be her ‘manager’…The way you never planned but the way that God will give you his grace for, and you’ll never forget and be always grateful for. Except on hard days.” Yes, we are taking the long way home but we share the hope of heaven. And maybe a strong cup of tea along the way.

You have believed in me and encouraged me. I haven’t always been charitable or kind. But you readily forgive and allow me to move forward.

Your prayers for our family have been constant but mostly hidden from view. Truly, you will one day know their effectiveness and power. All of this love and care for me and the Magnificent 8 began almost 50 years ago when you first became a mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to my dear mother-in-law whom I am most proud to call Mom.

And who rarely wears beige.

6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Such a sweet tribute to a VERY SPECIAL lady in your/our lives. Marla is a warm, caring, and loving woman. We are all lucky to have her in our life. She loves you all deeply. 💕. Happy Mother’s Day to you and Marla.
    ps. I’ve always admired you and what a wonderful Mom you are Kathleen. 💕


  2. Very heartfelt! God bless you both-and all of the mothers in our extended family tree. love, Aunt Cynthia❤️☘️


  3. Well, Kathleen, I was a rookie mother-in-law, but lucky enough to have hit the jackpot with you as my daughter-in-law! (And those were my thoughts from the first!) Thank you for your gracious and kind words, for your love and thoughtfulness, and for the eight wonderful grandchildren you brought into the world, loved and cared for, and raised so beautifully over these years! Like you, they are a delight to my heart and my soul! 💕💕💕


    • What a beautiful tribute to Marla, Kathleen. A much deserved, albeit belated, MOTHER’s DAY to each of you.
      Fondly, Sugie


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