Beckygram: Exhaustion

It was a full weekend. My sister Angela graduated from college and I lost my G-tube. I attended a senior concert, a commencement Mass, the university graduation in the football stadium, and the engineering school graduation in the hockey arena. Plus there was a graduation party with an epic piñata and ingenious flying chicken game, all thanks to my Aunt Karen. I’ve dropped anchor and I’m down for the count. Be assured I have a solid pocket of air

and I’ll come up for more mid-week.

Beckygram: Settled

It’s been busy around here. Visits from Grandma and Grandpa and the fabulous Aunt Maggie and her dog Soda. Two birthdays. The State Science Fair and John’s First Communion. Rocky enters the playoffs for state water polo and graduation season is around the corner. I’m slowly learning to walk and Mom randomly locked her keys in the car at a gas station tonight.

Moments of quiet and settledness are a rare delicacy around here.

And usually happen when there is a book in my hand.

Beckygram: Table Manners

Several of my therapists want to see me better incorporated into normal, daily life. While I continue to be delayed, particularly in gross motor skills, it’s important that my family treats me like a 2.5 year old and not a baby.

Which is hard to do since I’m quite cuddly and love to be carried around.

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Beckygram: Adjustment

I know it has been a busy week with some unexpected medical visits. But I think my car seat needs an adjustment.

Normally, I’m looking out the back window. And now I’m staring at the ceiling. Quick question: Am I about to be launched into space?

Beckygram: Adaptation

I am almost 28 months old now. Most children my age are running around being chased by a parent. However, I am still not standing independently and I cannot walk. As a child with Down syndrome and congenital heart disease, my medical team and therapists expect delays.

But my lack of gross motor skills has been a source of surprise and frustration, particularly for my physical therapist.

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Beckygram: Multitasking

I’ve heard about multitasking before and I’ve observed adults juggle the following tasks: Checking emails while grocery shopping. Making a doctor’s appointment while sitting in traffic. Folding laundry while listening to a podcast. Chewing gum while walking. Impressive stuff.

I’m getting into game as well. Here are a few examples from my 27-month world.

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Beckygram: Life Lessons

It’s been quiet around Mom’s blog recently. Just last week, she had surgery and her recovery has been slow with some unanticipated complications. She is starting to feel better but needs quite a bit of rest.

This was a planned procedure and she doesn’t want people to worry. Suffice it to say that after welcoming 8 children into the world, Mom is a bit like Humpty Dumpty. Her surgeon did a fabulous job of putting her back together again.

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