Update #4

Greta and I had just returned from grabbing coffee when Jillian met us.

She reported that a repair was done on the tricuspid valve in addition to closing the VSD. We had hoped that Becky would not need any work done on the valve. They are closing now.

Greta and I have left the room and are in the waiting area. We expect to speak with Dr. V about the operation within the next hour. After returning from surgery, it usually takes at least an hour to stabilize Becky. We hope to see our little heart warrior sometime in the early afternoon.

Update #2

Jillian told us that a triple lumen, arterial, and peripheral line have each been placed in Becky’s groin. Reopening went well. Sometimes this can take longer as scar tissue has formed but Drs. V and E were able to access her heart fairly easily. She is now on by-pass and the delicate work begins. We expect another update around 11:00am.