O Sacred Head

One of my most vivid childhood memories is from Good Friday, circa 1988.

Andreas Pavias Icon of the Crucifixion, second half of 15th century egg tempera and gold on wood overall: 83.5 × 59 cm, National Gallery, Alexandros Soutzos Museum, Athens

I remember sitting in church with my family for the Good Friday service. The service is quiet and simple, consisting of just a few parts: The Liturgy of the Word, The Adoration of the Holy Cross, and Holy Communion. It is simple, stark, and deeply moving. And rather long.

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A Pep Talk

This post is a bit of a pep talk for myself. You are welcome to listen in.

For our family, as for many, Lent and Holy Week is a time full of unique traditions and once-a-year liturgies, foods, and events. It culminates during these holy days of the Triduum. Our family begins with a Christian-style Seder Meal on Holy Thursday and ends with a grand party after the Easter Vigil. But, as everyone knows, this year is very different.

Veronica said to me last night, “Mom, it doesn’t feel like Holy Week.” I know what she means. I don’t feel it either.

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