Summer Reading

School is out and summer has officially started. On the last day of school, Johnny brought home a bag full of workbooks, broken crayons, and dried out glue sticks. Weighing down the neon blue-green backpack was a collection of pine cones, rocks, and broken glass. He amassed this treasure while walking home from the bus stop each afternoon.

But he never thought to unload his booty and just kept adding more weight. Which might prepare him for a future career as a Sherpa.

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Into the Woods

We’ve had a full house here the last few weeks. Our college kids are home before summer jobs call them away. The other kids are slugging through final exams and the remaining days of school.

In the afternoons, Johnny comes bounding down the driveway looking for attention from a licensed driver. He knows they can take him places. And they have debit cards.

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