Parent-Teacher Conferences

We have finished another round of Parent Teacher Conferences. Or our annual parenting review as Sam once called them. The kids are doing well and we’re grateful that they’ve been in school full-time this year.

Honestly, the sessions were a little boring. Which is great. Far better than the alternative. I can only remember one contentious conference, when I went toe-to-toe with a Dominican nun and held my ground. But nothing will ever compare with the conference we had with Michael’s Kindergarten teacher. Back in 2008. With the great Patti Jo Ruskin.

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The Sabre

Ever since I can remember, my dad stored a military sabre at the back of his closet, a relic from a bygone era. Dad attended Marist College High School in Atlanta, Georgia, in what was then an all-boys military academy. He graduated in 1958, the Adjutant of the Battalion at his school.

I doubt Dad ever imagined that his sabre would see the light of day again. He kept it for sentimental reasons. And because it’s hard to donate a weapon to Goodwill.

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